tractor vision

Our Core Values

• The customer is our compass. We are here to serve our customers with a Make It Happen attitude and our goal is for our clients to be stoked every time they work with us.

• We strive for excellence. We pride ourselves on our work and we feel privileged to do work in this industry, afterall, not that many people in the world get to tell the stories we do.

• We don't know it all. We learn it all. We learn something new every day and sometimes other people have new and better ideas than ours. We are open to hearing other people's opinions even when we think it may not be a great idea, regardless of the person’s stature.

• We play to win together. We help each other to be complete as a team and overcome our personal shortfalls while leaning on our strengths. Pointing fingers will not work unless that finger points right back at our own nose.

• We have a strict no jerks allowed policy.

Free coffee

We’re in a warehouse. There’s no barista. Get over yourself, Karen. 

Keurig in a cup for the win!

Happy Bellys

Happy Bellies = Happy Hearts. To kick off the weekend, we provide free lunch Fridays as a token of our appreciation for the week of work for all employees.

You’ve got Skills!

Are you a carpenter who wants to paint or a project coordinator looking to build a wall flat? We aim to keep that small and scrappy mentality, offering cross training in a variety of fields for those that have drive and a “Make it Happen” attitude. 

Health & Holidays

Our full time crew enjoys the perks of paid Holidays and company sponsored health benefits. 

Full Time

Technical Director

Job Description

We are looking for an individual that wants to work in a “Make It Happen” environment, where nothing is impossible and the limits are well beyond the sky. This is a senior level role and expect applicants to have experience in this specific role in this particular industry.